About us

Momentum Properties is managed by Eris Property Group (Eris), a well-recognised property services company that manages properties in excess of R23.4bn. Eris is a property development and services company with a proven track record, majority owned by Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited.

The Momentum Direct Property Fund, provides an opportunity to invest directly and benefit from Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited’s own portfolio of properties.

Eris is responsible for the property management and asset management of the Momentum Direct Property Fund.

The Eris asset management division is responsible for R10.3bn of property assets, with the core executive team having in excess of 90 years of property experience between themselves.

The team has been successful in growing the portfolio in excess of mandated returns even exceeding the local property market over the last 16 years.

It has achieved an averaged return in excess of 15% over the last 16 years.

The Social impact of the Momentum Direct Property Fund is well managed with a combination of:

  • Job creation
  • Investment opportunities for previously disadvantaged communities
  • Infrastructure development
  • Solar implementation
  • Water and Energy efficiencies
  • Enterprise and supplier development initiatives